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Mentorship Games



2024 Mentoriship Games

The Minnesota Ice Cougars are excited to announce that registration for our Mentorship 3v3 in now open!!!

"Inspired Mentor Driven 3v3 Hockey in a High Accountability Culture" 

Passion, Grit and Creativity are contagious. These 3 habits are consistently present in the best hockey players. One of the most effective ways to create great habits is to see these behaviors being executed by someone you admire and respect. Their habits inspire you to be your best!!! 

Players will be grouped into 4 teams with 6-9 players per team (different teams each week). Each team will be assigned a Player Mentor. Our mentors will be comprised of current Division 1 NCAA, PWHL (Professional Women’s Hockey League), and Division 3 NCAA players dressed in full gear. These role models will take shifts in the 3v3 games to lead by example and show the skills we want our youth players creating as habits. In addition to passion and grit, a few key skills our mentors will demonstrate will be consistent communication, puck support and how to play effectively without the puck. When the mentor's shift is done she will act as a coach to review key points, monitor shift lengths and ensure all players are communicating to keep spirits high during our intense games. Here are the details...


1 6/4/2024 U10/U12 4:45PM Richfield 2
2 6/6/2024 U10/U12 4:45PM Richfield 2
3 6/11/2024 U10/U12 5:30 PM Breck
4 6/13/2024 U10/U12 7:00 PM Richfield 2
5 6/18/2024 U10/U12 5:30 PM Breck
6 6/20/2024 U10/U12 5:30 PM Richfield 2
7 6/25/2024 U10/U12 5:30 PM Breck
8 6/27/2024 U10/U12 5:30 PM Richfield 2
9 7/9/2024 U10/U12 5:30 PM Breck
10 7/11/2024 U10/U12 5:00 PM Richfield 2