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Defensive Clinic



Defensive Awareness Clinic

This defensive-minded specialty program will be offered to each player, defenseman and forwards.  Emphasis is placed on offensive skills as well since defensemen are a big part of team’s offense. Each player will be taught what to do without the puck, with the puck, and how gain possession of the puck. Every drill at the clinic will be performed at game speed and all the players will be pushed out of their comfort zone.

Most of the sessions will be run by PWHL coach and Finnish Olympic Medalist, Mira Jalosuo and NCAA coaches/players


Points of Emphasis:


-Each practice we will spend 10-15 minutes to teach the mechanics of defensive skating.

Gap Control:

-Much attention is placed on eliminating space since gap control is one of the most important and hardest aspects of playing defense.


-As a defenseman you want to control what the forwards do with the puck. The key thing is to force the puck carrier to the wall and not let them take shots. The proper technique to do this is taught during this clinic


-Defensemen also have to be able to stickhandle in order to make good breakout passes, join offensive rushes, create space, etc. Stickhandling skills will be improved during this camp as well.

Offensive skills:

-Much attention is placed on offensive skills. A lot of defensemen have a great shot but once they run out of time and space they are not able to use their shot. Tips will be given how to create more time and space on the blue line and also when to drive to the net.

Game Situations:

-Players will be placed into game like situations and will be taught proper techniques to play each situation (1vs1, 2vs1, 3vs1, 3vs2 etc.). Players will be forced to think and react at a game speed. Also much attention is placed to teach offensive and transitional skills.

Shot Blocking:

-Proper technique to block spot is taught during this camp since every time you block a shot is a chance to create offence and also it is important learn how to safely do it.

Net Front Coverage:

-I teach defenseman to always block shots and stand between the player who is shooting the puck and the player who is screening the goalie. The reason why we do it differently than most training programs is pretty simple. First, defenseman should not be afraid to take bruises. Second, if for some reason the puck hits the goalie the rebound is never right in front of the goalie and the defenseman will have enough time to react. Third, when the defenseman blocks the shot we have a chance to create odd man rush since one of their players is outside the game.

Proper Contact Protocol:

-Huge part of defensive game is body contact. Defenseman has to be able to win corner battles, battles in front of the net etc. Also body contact skills make defensemen to play with more confidence. I am going to teach players proper checking technique how not to get penalties and how gain possession of the puck.

Defensive Awareness Clinic

Date Rink Start time
6/9/2024 Breck 8:00 AM
6/16/2024 Richfield 9:00 AM
6/23/2024 Richfield 9:00 AM
6/30/2024 Richfield 9:00 AM
7/14/2024 Richfield 9:00AM
7/21/2024 Richfield 9:00 AM
7/28/2024 Richfield 9:00 AM
8/4/2024 Breck 9:00AM
8/11/2024 Breck 9:00 AM
8/18/2024 Breck 9:00 AM